• Lady Gaga vs. Homophobe Guy

    Lady Gaga vs. Homophobe Guy

    Lady Gaga was going out with Adam Lambert after her show in Ottawa (Canada) when a man came near them and started insulting they: he shouted that Lady Gaga is a man and degraded Adam. Then, Lady Gaga said that she wouldn't waste her time trying to change the mind of that man. Then, he called them freaks and he said that they are going to die in the hell. In that moment, Lady Gaga exploited:
    “Okay, that’s it! Call ME anything you want, but when you start calling my friends names, it’s OVER — it’s WAR!”
    Lady Gaga poured a glass of wine over the homophobe and made a beeline for exit.
    It feels nice to see that Lady Gaga is an amazing girl! I love her action!

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